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Covid Response


ReadyMade Works have offered thirteen Covid Response SHORT RESIDENCIES that support artists to continue developing their creative work during this time. These residencies aim to address some of the impacts of COVID-19 on the independent dance sector. Thirty applications were received from the community of artists who have enlivened ReadyMade Works as a home for independent dance practice over the past seven years. We thank the  ReadyMade Works' artistic subcommittee, Julie-Anne Long, Adelina Larsson and Rhiannon Newton, for their care and consideration in reviewing the applications. The SHORT RESIDENCIES provide artists and their collaborators with up to three-days of studio space and artist fees. The artists will be working onsite at the ReadyMade Works studio and offsite from October 2020 to early January 2021.

Covid Response SHORT RESIDENCIES are supported by The City Of Sydney

Residency Artists

Raghav Handa & Maharshi Raval

31 October - 2 November 2020

Raghav is looking to reignite his physical practice and continue the development of his work TWO, a new dance theatre work in collaboration with Tabla Master, Maharshi Raval. They will focus on using novel half-beat rhythms in existing 5, 7 and 12 mathematics to create repertoire which will feature as a pinnacle of the finished work.

Bhenji Ra

6 - 8 November 2020

Bhenji is working on a film documentary and looking for ways to support the material with the body and choreographic material. She will work on variations of interpretations that can be included in the film as mixed media.

Emily Flannery & Amy Flannery

14 - 15 & 21 November 2020

Emily is using this residency to continue research and development for her first work Bulnuruwanha (Take Flight in Wiradjuri language). Bulnuruwanha is about the birds significant to her mob in the creation of the land. She will be working with her composer, Amy Flannery to create a relationship between the music and the movement, using this time to explore the influence the music has on the meaning of the movement.

Matt Cornell & Emma Fishwick

27 - 29 November 2020


During the residency, Matt and Emma are working on building a world focused on distance and cognitive dissonance. They will be working together on making a dance. They will be developing the embodiment of this world, imagining an offering to an audience, and assembling the aesthetic for inviting them into. Pulling into focus what is made possible by distance, and what is allowed to survive scrutiny when they tolerate/embrace cognitive dissonance.

Lux Eterna & Kathryn Puie

4 - 6 December 2020

Lux is exploring movement with her camera/shoulder rig and her collaborator Kathryn Puie will works with stilts, bringing both their respective prosthetics together. They will be further investigating how movement and close prosthetic attachment to apparatus can be informed by movement and vice versa. "Can we seek ways in our body to better direct the technologised body of the Post and Transhuman?"

Holly Craig, Gabriela Green Olea & Imogen Yang

14 - 16 December 2020

This residency will provide their collective with the opportunity to further develop a dance-based work which utilises creative Audio Description to create an inclusive dance performance which is heard and experientially embodied instead of visually seen. They will work with alternative approaches to conveying movement, space, time and the body through language derived from Audio Description technique, further investigating the interactions in the project and the differentiated perspectives of the performer / choreographer / observer (audience).

Lizzie Thomson & Alex Harrison

17 - 19 December 2020

Lizzie is focusing on developing a new text work that slips between the worlds of performance, experimental somatic workshop and queer lullaby. The text will build on from two recent experiments with writing-informed-by-dancing that she has undertaken including the text Printed Breath Slopes by Gentle Jim, and Breathing Out Consciousness, which was a workshop that took the form of a script of scores.

Brianna Kell

20 - 22 December 2020

Brianna is navigating a new territory of respect and pace for her moving/performing body. She plans to explore the negotiation of time in relation to pain and how this stop motion can control the body. Where time slows down and so does her actions, respecting her new pace by exploring the relationship of this new/old body. She would like to consider shaping and capturing the body in different frames of perspective, the visible and invisible self.

Lucky Lartey & Margie Medlin

October - December 2020 - Offsite

Lucky and Margie will be working on their work Accidental architecture in the body which is an interdisciplinary and collaborative work in which the use of light and shift of focus creates spatial shapes in the positive and negative landscapes of moving forms and still objects.

Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal & Kirk Page

October - December 2020 - Offsite

Inspired by sacred and mundane interpretations of fire, SMOKE's converges traditional and contemporary physicality with sonic and spatial storytelling. Jade and Kirk will continue developing SMOKE during their Short Residency. Through searching Indigenous wisdom and innovations for human survival beyond extinction, SMOKE responds to declining connection with culture and country. 

Omer Backley-Astrachan & Vivienne Linsley

4 - 6 January 2021

Omer is collaborating with Vivienne Linsley on integrating dance with non-traditional mediums focusing his interest on installations and audio-sensory formats.

Chloé Fournier & Hamed Sadeghi

7 - 8 January 2021

During this residency, Chloe is collaborating with acclaimed Persian Tar player Hamed Sadeghi to study the idea of RHYTHM through contemporary and traditional dance (folk dances from Persia and France) and Persian classical music. They will explore the notion of "rhythm" from a philosophical and sociological point of view by looking at how it affects a large portion of human activities.

Victoria Hunt & James Brown

1 - 3 February 2021

Victoria is collaborating with James Brown to develop movement and sound language ideas for a new work, or a new way of working. They will be exploring and experimenting with poetic vocalisations from Metis Cree Indigenous artist Moe Clark, who is based in Tiohtià:ke, Montreal, Turtle Island. They will be exploring intersections of cosmologies and speculative myth-making.

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