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Kristina Chan Happy Hour #9 by Matthew S

Constant Relay


Our Constant Relay residency is back in March in 2024!


ReadyMade Works is happy to announce the artists who will participate in Constant Relay in 2024: Remy Rochester, Leah Landau, Ashleigh Veitch, Charlie Trier, Renata Commisso, Lizzie Thomson, Noha Ramadan, Martin del Amo, Maddy Backen, Madeline Harms, Jaslyn Broughton, Sheanna Parker Russon, Alana Yee, Karen Kerkhoven, Lauren Warburton, Emma Riches and Momoko Matsuzaki.


Constant Relay takes over the ReadyMade Works studio from March 11-29. This residency feels like the soul of ReadyMade somehow and we are so grateful to Rhiannon Newton and Adelina Larsson for creating a residency with sharing practice at its heart.

Constant Relay is a first-in-first-served, no application, short-form residency and exchange opportunity at ReadyMade Works. Artists receive time in the studio bookended by encounters with fellow artists in residence.

Throughout March artists will be offered 3.5-hour sessions in the studio with 30-minutes of allocated time to cross-over with the following artist in residence. This cross-over is an informal opportunity to connect with other practitioners, share something about what you are working on, or exchange ideas.

Constant Relay Archive:

2023 Participating artists: Maddy Backen, Phaedra Brown, Coti Ciblis, Matt Cornell, Chloé Dechery, Martin del Amo and Jane McKernan, Saskia Ellis, Angela Goh, Kyra Hansen, Nikki Heywood, Emma Saunders, Eliza Scott, Justin Shoulder, Melissa Toogood, Tracey Trinh, Ashleigh Veitch, Alice Weber.

2022 Participating artists: Nadiyah Akbar, Maddy Backen, Phaedra Brown, Renata Commisso, Eliza Cooper, Matt Cornell, Martin del Amo, Saskia Ellis, Ryuichi Fujimura, Josh Freedman, Victoria Hunt, Jacinta Mullen, Caroline Nguyen, Juliet Sato, Reina Takeuchi, Ashleigh Veitch, Ella Watson - Heath, Patricia Wood, Emily Yali

2021 Participating artists: Phaedra Brown, Eliza Cooper, Matt Cornell, Rachell Dade, Tra Mi Dinh, Elle Evangelista, Emily Flannery, Ryuichi Fujimura, Gabriela Green Olea and Shana O'Brien, Anna Grieg, Romain Hassanin, Vanessa Marian, Caroline Nguyen, Raynen O'Keefe, Niv Rajendra, Juliet Sato, Lee Serle, Alvin Toh and Ashleigh Veitch


2020 Participating artists:

Wombat Radio's Matt Cornell spoke to the Constant Relay 2020 artists about their work and time in the studio during Constant Relay. Listen to the Constant Relay Podcast Series to hear about what the 2020 Constant Relay artists got up to during their residencies.

Artists: Opal Russell, Ivey Wawn, Megan Payne and Alice Heyward, Nikki Heywood, Lux Eterna, Emma Harrison, Ebony Howald, Emily Flannery, Amy Flannery, Emalyn Knight, Kristie Pike, Olivia Hadley and Holly Craig.

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