Jane McKernan (Creative Producer)

Jane McKernan is a choreographer and performer. She is a member of the collaborative trio The Fondue Set. Her own work includes Mass Movement (2014); Opening and Closing Ceremony (2012) and Teacher Training (2019). Jane lived in the UK between 2015 -19, where she was lecturer in improvisation and creative studies at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds.

Chanel Cheung by Matthew Syres

Chanel Cheung (Studio Manager)


Chanel is an Australian dancer, performer and choreographer. She graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Arts and Business degree, majoring in Dance. During her degree, she was part of the UNSW dance company working with Raghav Handa and Carlee Mellow and has worked under choreographers Loredo Malcom and Vi Lam. As well as working at RMW, Chanel also works for her father's business Firecore and is a cheerleader for the Manly Sea Eagles. 


Dr Justine Shih Pearson (Chair) 

Justine is an interdisciplinary designer, writer and creative producer. She was previously producer of ReelDance and acting director of Critical Path, and is currently Honorary Associate in the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Sydney.


Vanessa Lloyd (Treasurer)

Vanessa is the General Manager of Performance Space and has worked for more than 12 years across government and the private arts sector; managing Anna Schwartz Gallery in Sydney, one of the premier commercial galleries in Australia. For more than 5 years Vanessa worked at the Australia Council with roles in arts administration, applicant relations and grants management. Working with the then Visual Arts Board to facilitate grants she worked closely with key organisations both here and internationally to present Australian artists’ work.


Katy Green Loughrey (Board Member)

Katy grew up on the lands of the Darug people where she currently works as the Executive Director at PYT Fairfield. She is a producer, curator and arts manager specialising in contemporary performance with more than a decade of experience and a passion for work that is interdisciplinary, intercultural and intergenerational.  

Phillip Wardle.jpg

Phillip Wardle (Board member)

Phillip Wardle is a lawyer and human rights policy advisor who specialises in international human rights law, transitional justice and forced migration policy. He is currently the Legal and Policy Manager at the Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions in Sydney.


Copy of Latai_headshotbw-2_stelios_papad

Latai Taumoepeau (Board Member)

Latai Taumoepeau makes live art. Her body-centred performance practice of faivā centres Tongan philosophies of relational space and time; cross-pollinating ancient and everyday temporal practice to make visible the impact of climate crisis in the Pacific. She generates environmental movements and actions that are urgent in Oceania. Faka’apa’apa Atu.

Rhiannon Newton By Matthew Syres

Rhiannon Newton (Secretary)

Rhiannon is an Australian dancer and choreographer.  Her creative work draws attention to ecofeminist ways of understanding interdependence between bodies and the world. She contributes to the Sydney community through creation, performance, collaboration, teaching and curation. Rhiannon was the Caretaker of ReadyMade Works from 2019-21.


Nick Power (Board Member)

Nick Power is a Sydney based B*boy and Choreographer whose work draws on the rituals and culture of hip hop to create contemporary performances.  His practice spans from remote Aboriginal communities to the stages of the most prestigious contemporary dance festivals in Europe.  Crossing complex divides of place, culture, language and form is Nick’s forté.