When: Wednesday, 10am -12pm 

Cost: Free!


July 6 - Tra Mi Dinh


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When: Wednesday 6 - 7.30pm

Cost: Free!

July 27 - Martin del Amo

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Shared Practice

ReadyMade Works is very happy to announce two new events in our program that take the place of the Shared Practice sessions.

What Are You Doing? is a studio-based shared practice session where artists share processes and ways of working in the studio. It is not quite a class, not quite a choreographic workshop, a session where ways of making dance and practising dance are opened up as a community resource. It will take place the first Wednesday of every month. 






Wednesday 6 July - Tra Mi Dinh

When: 10am - 12pm

Cost: Free!

Tra Mi will be sharing recent processes and approaches to making performance work. She’ll also share and invite discussion on our collective intention towards embodiment of both our own and others movement languages.

Tra Mi Dinh is a dance artist working across Melbourne and Sydney. As a dancer, she’s worked for companies and artists including Lucy Guerin Inc, Chunky Move, Victoria Chiu, Lee Serle, Michelle Heaven, Stephanie Lake Company, Isabelle Beauvard, and Monica Bill Barnes & Company in works presented at Rising Festival (2021), Dance Massive (2019, 2020), Melbourne Fringe Festival (2019),  AsiaTopa (2017), MEL&NYC (2018), and Melbourne International Arts Festival (2017).


Her choreographic practice has been supported through residencies with Tasdance’s On the Island program, Sydney Fringe Festival’s Art in Isolation, Critical Path, and Readymade Works Constant Relay. She presented her debut solo Holding at March Dance (2021) and has been commissioned to choreograph The _ for the 2022 Keir Choreographic Award, as well as Dirty Feet's Out of the Studio program. Tra Mi graduated from Victorian College of the Arts in 2014 with a BFA (Dance) and was awarded the Orloff Family Charitable Trust Scholarship for Most Outstanding Dancer.

June 1 - Lizzie Thomson

Lizzie will share some aspects of her ongoing project CLOSET DRAMA. This project quietly celebrates the joys of diving into rabbit holes, making work that’s only partially visible, and dwelling in breathing-spaces found inside words, in between words, inside dance and inside closets. First, Lizzie will present some of the strange material created through this project and then we’ll experiment with some processes of dancing, writing and closeting that relate to the closet dramas.

Lizzie Thomson is a choreographer, performer and researcher living and working on Gadigal and Wangal lands of the Eora Nation. Her practice is currently informed by a range of interests including experiments in connections between dancing and writing; research into seventeenth century closets; and practices focusing on attention and imagination. Lizzie is undertaking a PhD in dance studies at the University of NSW. Her writing on dance has been published in books, journals and exhibition catalogues. Over the past 20 years, Lizzie has performed throughout Australia and Europe with many artists including Rosalind Crisp, Mette Edvardsen, Agatha Gothe-Snape and Jane McKernan.




May 18 -Feras Shaheen

The session will begin with a coffee/tea (possibly some manoosh as well) and will move into practicing and discussing:

- The importance of stress and challenge in a process.
- Finding the humour in your process.

- Vulnerability in dance.
- How my OCD shifts my creative process.
- Postmodernism in dance.
- Refunctioning an object.
- Creating for your next door neighbour, Jim and Sally.
- Cypher.
- Fun


We could possibly end up doing 1 of the above… but 100% guarantee there will be fun dance time.

Feras Shaheen’s art practice spans across performance, semiotics, street dance, readymade art and digital media. Shaheen was born in Dubai, to Palestinian parents, and moved to Sydney at the age of 11. Shaheen traverses different roles within the arts, working as a director, performer, teacher, choreographer and digital artist. He holds a Bachelor of Design from Western Sydney University (2014) and in addition to his artistic practice works as a freelance designer, photographer and filmmaker.

Feras is currently working with Marrugeku presenting Jurrungu Ngan-ga, a collaborative production that addresses both local and global issues regarding the fear of cultural difference. In an ongoing capacity, Feras works on a duet titled ‘Klapping’ with Ahilan Ratnamohan, a contemporary project that consists of choreographic research into football, initially commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre (2017). Feras has exhibited a body of work titled ‘Cross Cultures’ at Pari Gallery, Parramatta (2020) and then at Carriageworks (early 2021). ‘Cross Cultures’ explores the fluid contemporary identities of ‘Generation Y’ and how street culture is heavily impacted by media culture, specifically where commercial and urban industries intersect and reconcile. Feras has also recently conceptualized and designed ‘Forum Q’ - a hybrid art form between public art installation and recreation space for the community in collaboration with CAC and Campbelltown Council. Feras has been awarded The Australian Ballet’s Telstra Emerging Choreographer (TEC) in 2021. 

SOCIALS: @fezshaheen

April 6 - Alice Tauv


Alice Tauv, also known as Arisse, has over 14 years of street dance experience and 8 years of teaching. She has continuously worked on her craft by learning from both local and international dancers in a variety of different Street Dance styles, mainly focusing on Hip Hop Freestyle. She has represented Australia in competitions in Melbourne, Brisbane, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore as well as organises her own competitions.

She continues to support and build the next generation of dancers through teaching classes and workshops at local schools and universities and teaching street classes for everyone to join. She is also Vice-President of DSDA Inc. which is a non-profit organisation that runs programs and workshops for the youth and young adults, and works closely with councils and organisations to curate events.


Alice’s session is open and accessible for anyone and everyone. The sessions will begin through an open discussion about the importance of dance work and how it influences others. We will then open up our bodies through isolation work and connection points, using street dance techniques and groove, understanding the mechanics of the body. We will conclude the class in an open cypher where each dancer will be able to incorporate movements developed within the session and showcase their own personal style. 

March 2 - Omer Backley-Astrachan

Omer's session is open and accessible for anyone and everyone. We will begin the session with a brief discussion on sensorial-based improvisation work and together find access points to dialogues with the body-in-movement. Together we will look at dismantling codification in somatic work in order to include the diversity in the room. We will leverage this opportunity to work as a team, in a safe and non-judgemental environment and individually make long-lasting discoveries.


Omer Backley-Astrachan is a choreographer and educator based in Sydney. His artistic practice spans across choreography, installations, film, multimedia and movement research. Omer has worked extensively with an array of choreographers and dance companies locally and overseas such as Kamea Dance Company, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Idan Cohen Dance Company, Jerusalem Dance Theatre, Jerusalem Ballet, Maya Levi, and Rotem Tashach, Kay Armstrong, Dean Walsh, Vivienne Linsley, Mel O'Callaghan, Sue Healey and Josh Thomson. In 2018 Omer was appointed Course Coordinator for Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year where he mentors and guides the next generation of dance creatives in Australia. As an artist in residence Omer’s choreographic works have materialised through the support of Bundanon Trust, BrandX, FORM Dance Projects, Catapult Dance, PACT and more. His works have performed in venues and festivals both in Australia and overseas such as Carriageworks, PACT, Sydney Fringe Festival, Fringe World Festival, Suzanne Dellal Centre, Tel Aviv, Newcastle Art Gallery, and State Theatre Centre (Perth).


What Were You Thinking? is a new shared practice session at ReadyMade Works where artists can share the thinking and process behind their work. It is an informal discussion led by an artist around the ideas that inform their work. Artists can show work, bring questions, discuss philosophy or whatever feels imperative to them at this time.  ReadyMade Works will bring the drinks and nibblies. 



Wednesday 27 July - Martin del Amo

When: Wednesday, 6pm

Cost: Free!

Martin says "I’ve always been fascinated with how, traditionally, choreography and improvisation are thought of as being on opposite sides of the spectrum, as far as dance composition is concerned. In my own work, I try to collapse the perceived difference between the two. The aim is to develop pieces that are highly structured and repeatable on one hand, yet elastic enough to never be exactly the sam on the other. For Shared Practice, I will discuss some of the strategies I employ to try and achieve this. The focus will be on my most recent solo work Mirage (shared with Miranda Wheen) and ensemble piece Champions (2017)."

Martin del Amo is a Sydney-based choreographer and dancer with more than 25 years of professional experience. He started out as solo artist, acclaimed for his full-length solos fusing idiosyncratic movement and intimate storytelling. Over the last decade, Martin has also built a strong reputation as creator of group works and solos for others. He regularly teaches and has extensively worked as mentor, dramaturg, movement consultant and dance writer. Martin’s contributions to the Australian arts sector have been recognised with the prestigious Sidney Myer Creative Fellowship (2015) and the Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance (2018). 

Wednesday 15 June - Emma Saunders

Emma says of her session... " Well, if i'm really honest, i would love a chance just to say hello to Sydney again. Hello!! It's been so long!! and maybe to talk about some of the processes behind making dance work in general, and to share a little of the different kinds of work i've made across scale, site, collaborators, community and function. How i've been influenced by my work with The Fondue Set and how that will never die, leaving Sydney and the effect that has, taking stock once you hit motherhood, broadening my practice so i learn and am relevant and survive and earn enough money to raise a family, how artistic priorities and starting points can shift around from time to time, considering who am i making work for and why, and how dance can be a container for communication, also how difficult it is to keep things simple when confronted with chaos, and how i'm not dead yet - i think i may be just getting started!!"

Emma Saunders is an award winning “formidable” (Realtime, 2010) Australian dance artist who works as a director, choreographer, dancer, educator, dance curator and producer. Over the past 25 years she has honed her practice to develop an interest in the simplicity of dance and the complexity of choreography. Utilising a visceral, instinctive attack, her work is immediate, often working with humour, everyday movement, text, repetition, deconstruction, duration and abstraction. Emma is the founder and director of the WE ARE HERE company, and is one of The Fondue Set. Her very recent work includes: ENCOUNTER SYDNEY at the Sydney Opera House, RADICAL TRANSPARENCY at Parramatta Riverside with Form Dance Projects.

April 20 - Ivey Wawn

Ivey will share some video works and talk through the processes and outcomes so far developed under the banner of an ongoing project titled In Perpetuity.

Ivey Wawn (1990) is a dancer working and living primarily on Gadigal Land (Sydney). She makes performances mainly for live audiences and contributes regularly to the work of other artists from a range of disciplines as a performer and collaborator. She is committed to dance as a potential form of resistance; to social abstraction and commodification, making work about labour, being together, sensation and magic among other things. Such works have taken different forms; from lecture, through video, to live performance and are presented in art galleries, virtual spaces and theatres. She is supported to continue working as an artist by a secondary income in hospitality and continues to study a Bachelor of Political Economic and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney since 2016. Ivey’s work has been supported by Arts House, the Australia Council for the Arts, Critical Path, DirtyFeet, First Draft Gallery, Kaldor Public Art Projects, Liquid Architecture, Next Wave Festival, Performance Space, and Underbelly Arts Festival among other institutions. 


March 18 - Lee Serle


Lee will be discussing his solo studio practice and research he undertook during his Sustaining Practice residency. He will show his recent work-in-progress that he presented as part of Lucy Guerin's PIECES season late last year, as well as earlier work that informs his current practice and the work he is creating now. Lee will then facilitate an open discussion around choreographic process. 

Lee Serle is a Sydney based choreographer and performer. He graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Dance in 2003. His work has been presented in France, USA, Colombia, Lebanon and Australia, and he has been commissioned to create new works for the Lyon Opera Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, Lucy Guerin Inc, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Dancenorth, Victorian College of the Arts, and Colombian visual artist Mateo López. Lee has performed in the works of many notable choreographers including; Trisha Brown, Lucy Guerin, Tere O’Connor, Gideon Obarzanek, Shelley Lasica, among many others, and has received Fellowships from Rolex Arts Institute, Australia Council for the Arts (Creative Australia Fellowship) and City of Sydney.

Past Shared Practice Facilitators


Ivey Wawn, Lee Serle, Martin del Amo, Victoria Hunt, Lizzie Thomson




Ivey Wawn, Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal, Rhiannon Newton, Matt Cornell, Nikki Heywood


Bhenji Ra, Brooke Stamp, Thomas Bradley, Victoria Hunt, Jane McKernan, Andrew Morrish, Cass Mortimer-Eipper, Jill Crovisier, Adelina Larsson, Omer Backley-Astrachan, Rhiannon Newton.