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Special Terms & Conditions Relating to Covid-19

ReadyMade Works has put in place protocols to help protect the health and safety of our artists, staff and visitors to the studio. In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, all studio users (program artists, hirers, participants) must agree to the following special terms and conditions:

  1. Stay home if you feel unwell (no cancellation fees will apply for suspected Covid-19 illness).

  2. Maintain 1.5m physical distancing at all times and 1 person at a time on the stairs.

  3. Arrive dressed and ready for class/practice when possible.

  4. Stagger your arrival to the studio and travel in non-peak times when possible.

  5. Practice good health hygiene at all times: clean your hands on arrival; wash your hands often and thoroughly; use proper cough and sneeze etiquette; and avoid touching your face.

  6. Use the kitchen for water bottle filling only; and bring your own utensils.

  7. Do not use the shower.

  8. Follow the cleaning checklist posted in the studio to clean frequently touched surfaces (door handles, stereo, light switches, heating/cooling, tables, locks/touchpad, wash basin, toilet, Tarkett) during your residency using the cleaning supplies provided.

  9. Work with the windows open when possible to ensure clean and fresh airflow.

  10. If you have been to any of the government listed hotspots, please stay at home

  11. Familiarise yourself with and follow Safe Work Australia’s procedure for reporting suspected cases of Covid-19 to NSW Health 1300 066 055; and contact in the event of a suspected case.

  12. Follow all instructions that may be given by ReadyMade’s studio manager or any government authority.

A copy of ReadyMade’s Covidsafe Plan is available on our website. We also recommend all studio users download the government’s CovidSafe app.

ReadyMade staff will be reviewing our Covidsafe Plan regularly in accordance with NSW Health guidelines and regulations, and we reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. 

Standard Terms and Conditions


  • the Hirer agrees to pay ReadyMade Works Inc prior to the commencement of the hire.

  • payment will be made at the time of booking using PayPal.

  • alternatively payment can be made by direct transfer to ReadyMade Works Inc. upon receiving an invoice. Note this payment option is only available to hires booked at least seven days in advance.

  • a 50% hire deposit may be required at the discretion of RMW management.



  • ReadyMade Works Inc must be given 7 days notice if the Hirer wishes to cancel their confirmed hire of the Venue.

  • cancellation within less than 7 days notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee on the total cost of hire.

  • cancellation within less than 24 hours notice will incur a 100% cancellation fee on the total cost of hire.

  • all cancellations will be charged a 15% administration fee.


ReadyMade Works Inc Obligations

  • maintain public liability insurance in respect of the venue.

  • ensure that the Hirer has access to the venue at all times during the term of hire.

Hirer Obligations

  • obtain and maintain all necessary insurances including public liability, volunteer’s insurance and workers compensation where necessary.

  • strictly adhere to the booking times, which indicate the time you enter and exit the venue. Council’s permission for use of the venue is reliant upon hirers adhering to the strict operating hours of 9am–7pm.

  • ensure that the person/organisation for which this agreement is addressed is actively participating in the activity for which the space is hired.

  • not under any circumstances sub-lease the studio to a third party.

  • use the space for the activity stated in this agreement and for no other purpose.

  • treat the venue with care and responsibility at all times.

  • inform ReadyMade Works Inc of any damages to property and/or equipment especially the doors and windows as the space is a historic building.

  • will not at any time move the internal concertina doors and take care in opening windows and external doors.

  • when using the space you must NOT create floor noise (i.e. jumping/ stomping/ loud vocalising) between 12pm and 2pm Monday to Friday as there are small children sleeping downstairs in the childcare centre located under the space.

  • the space is located in a heavily residential area. You must be respectful of the neighbours by limiting noise when on the balcony and entering and exiting the building.

  • respect the quiet enjoyment of resident occupants in the building and surrounding neighbours by keeping all amplified sound to an appropriate level (official limit is 5 decibels from outside the premises).

  • be aware that noise travels out to the surrounding neighbours when the windows are open (particularly on the Henry Avenue side of the building).

  • strictly NO smoking on the premises including the Balcony.

  • Hirers must tidy the space, and remove all rubbish from the Building attributable to the Hirer’s use and return the venue to its condition prior to use by the Hirer — cleaning fees will apply.

  • no rubbish, debris is to end up in the children’s play area below the balcony. In the event that items fall over the balcony, please advise RMW immediately.

  • the Hirer is responsible for securing the venue at the conclusion of hire including closing all windows, balcony doors, locking the main door including the lock at the bottom of the door, securing the padlock and green gate.

  • not attach in any way to walls doors, glass, floors, furniture or fittings in or around the space any nails, screws, adhesive tape, signs or other items unless prior permission has been granted by RMW Inc.

  • not at any time graffiti or write/chalk on the walls

  • not interfere with or alter any of the electrical installations, lighting, sound systems or other technical equipment owned by RMW. Inc.

  • act immediately upon instruction if ReadyMade Works Inc receives any complaints from the neighbours and authorities

  • understand that failure to comply to these conditions will result in immediate expulsion and cancellation of hire without refund and may be required to pay any fines, damages, penalties or charges incurred.


Termination of Hire

  • ReadyMade Works Inc will terminate this agreement if the Hirer is in breach of their obligations set out above

Access To The Space

  • If this is the Hirer’s first booking at the space a ReadyMade Works Inc representative will be in contact with the Hirer to induct them with regards to access, Venue, and security information.


We will NEVER give out your personal information to third parties without your permission. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

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