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Covid Response


ReadyMade Works is offering 3-day funded residencies to the community of artists who use and make RMW a home for independent dance. These residencies aim to address some of the impacts of COVID-19 on the independent dance sector. 


Support is available to work with a collaborator. The artist may engage a collaborator that works with them directly on their creative process or who is involved in developing their capacity to work within the specific conditions of this time. For example a collaborator might support the artist to develop digital resources alongside their residency. Support is also available for returning to a studio practice, or developing a project, with or without a collaborator.



  • Three consecutive days

  • October to December 2020.



  • Lead artist: $750.

  • Collaborator: $250 1 day, $500 2 days.



  • Onsite at the RMW studio

  • Off-site if the artist lives regionally, or prefers to work at home.

* The residency does not need to be undertaken on consecutive days if  artist is working off-site.



Applications are open to artists who have been involved in ReadyMade Works programs such as Moving Ideas Residency, Sustaining Practice, Happy Hour, First Run and Constant Relay. Artists are asked to briefly outline how their involvement in ReadyMade Works programs has contributed to their creative practice. This will help us understand how ReadyMade Work programs are supporting the sector.


Support is available for a collaborator for 1-2 days. The collaborator does not have to be directly involved in the project or practice. Artist/s might want to consider how a filmmaker, writer, composer, researcher, web developer or photographer might contribute to the way they are able to develop their capacity to do their work in current conditions. It is also fine for the collaborator to be a dancer or collaborating artist.

  • Up to twelve residencies will be supported.

  • Lead artists need to be based in NSW.

  • The lead artist needs to have been involved in a RMW program such as Moving Ideas, Sustaining Practice, Happy Hour, First Run or Constant Relay.

  • Applications will be assessed by members of the ReadyMade Works board and staff. Recommendations will be based on the calibre of the artist/collaborators and the quality and need for the work proposed.

  • Collectives are eligible to apply and share the lead artist and collaborator fee. A total of $1250 is available per residency.

  • Artists working onsite will be required to agree to ReadyMade Works Covid 19 Special Terms and Conditions to ensure the health and safety of the artist, staff and other users of the space.


Covid Response SHORT RESIDENCIES are supported by The City Of Sydney

ARTISTS NOTIFIED: 28 August 2020
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