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When: Wednesday, 10am-12pm

May 26 - June 2021



Wed, 26 May - Ivey Wawn

More facilitators to be announced soon.

Cost: Free!

Shared Practice

Shared Practice is an opportunity to engage in the different creative practices of leading local and visiting dance artists in a creative, workshop-style format.


Each session includes a form of warm-up before moving into the improvisation and/or choreographic processes of the facilitator. The sessions are facilitated by established local dance artists and visiting national and international guest artists. Shared Practice is open to anyone who is interested in engaging in dance and choreography based practices. To know more about the Facilitators click on the images above.

Please get in touch if you would like more information about the sessions or are interested in leading a Shared Practice session:

2021 Facilitators


Wed 26 May - Ivey Wawn


Ivey makes dance-based work for various contexts, drawing poetics from economic and microbial systems to develop choreography for the human scale. She works extensively as a performer and collaborator, primarily between Sydney and Melbourne, sells her labour as a waiter in between projects, and is a current student of Political Economy at the University of Sydney.


More facilitators to be announced soon.


2020 Facilitators

Wed 26 Feb - Ivey Wawn

Ivey makes dance-based work for various contexts, drawing poetics from economic and microbial systems to develop choreography for the human scale. She works extensively as a performer and collaborator, primarily between Sydney and Melbourne, sells her labour as a waiter in between projects, and is a current student of Political Economy at the University of Sydney.


Her work, Greyness and Infinity (2017), was developed and presented in Underbelly Arts Festival and presented at RMIT Design Hub in 2018 with the support of Liquid Architecture. Adventure Dances (2016) was made with support from DirtyFeet, and her colour dances (Spectral) have been shown at various galleries and art events in Sydney between 2016 and 2018. She also has an ongoing collaborative project with visual artist, Mark Mailler called Consejos de Farez, that was supported by Critical Path and has been presented at First Draft Gallery (Sydney). In 2020 Ivey is a Next Wave Festival artist, with her new work In Perpetuity to premiere at Arts House in May.

Shared Practice: Ivey will share some approaches to dancing that she has been working with in the last year or so that are concerned with sensation and with the past as a way of avoiding abstraction in the sense of disassociation or disconnection. 

Wed 4 Mar - Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal

Jade lives and works in Yaegl Country, Clarence Valley NSW. She is an award-winning contemporary dancer, choreographer and teacher with Master of Choreography (VCA) and 20 years of international performance and touring experience. Born in Australia she is a direct descendent of Kangjeng Sultan Hamengku Buwana, the first Sultan of Yogyakarta Java. Her ancestry also extends from the ancient Javan Temple of Borobudur, mixed with Scottish and Viking heritage. Jade is Associate Artist at Northern Rivers Performing Arts (NORPA) and works with culturally and linguistically diverse organisations Outback Theatre for Young People (OTYP), Rekindling the Spirit and Beyond Empathy (BE). She is studying to become a somatic movement educator with Body-Mind Centering (BMCsm).

Shared Practice: Light & Smoke: Am I Together or Dispersed? Together in our awareness, exchange and exploration of the following approaches; Javanese Mysticism, Phenomenology, Somatics, Body is Performative, Embodying Multiplicity, Dance Improvisation, Choreo Composition and Emergent Strategy Principles, we will experiment with dispersal. Observing the being we call "being" shining”, we will regather as a way to besoul our bodymind. The ultimate goal is to see that we are not one thing but many, light and smoke at the same time. Current reading inspiration:


Adrienne Maree Brown – Emergent Strategy

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen – Sensing Feeling Action

Sondra Horton Fraleigh – The Spiral Dance_Toward a Phenomenology of Somatics

Andrea Olsen – The Place of Dance

Wed 11 Mar - Rhiannon Newton

NOTE: 10am-11:30am at Carriageworks as part of Morning Class Keir Choreographic Award Public Program

Rhiannon is an Australian dancer and choreographer. She creates performance works that inhabit theatre, public and gallery spaces. Her work draws on practices of repetition, studying patterns that give rise to change and stasis within the body and our world. Her works have been presented nationally and internationally in contexts such as Dance Massive, Dancehouse Housemate, Brisbane Festival, March Dance, Festival 2018, Firstdraft Exhibitions Program, Trois C-L (LX), Nagib On Stage (SL), Tanzhaus Zurich (CH) and Judson Church (USA).

Shared Practice: Rhiannon will share her movement practices and creative work through a class that journeys from focused embodied work through to more virtuosic physical and creative movement. The class focuses on how different parts of the body connect and move one-another, emphasising how weight, release, attention, and imagination affect capacity and sensation.


Wed 18 Mar - Matt Cornell

Matt Cornell is an Asia-Pacific based choreographer who grew up in Darwin, on Larrakia land. His work interrogates how we embody systems - social, cultural, political, or technological - and in turn how these systems embody us by forming communities and informing identities. Across multiple forms incl. dancing, performance, sound composition, writing, podcasting, and curation, & in varying contexts incl. theatres,galleries, public spaces, & online. To create spaces, events, and experiences through which we can come together, to share something which might give rise to new ways to know ourselves and each other and the stories we tell ourselves. To get better at living together.

Shared Practice:"Some people have their ideas in the shower, others think things through by going for a walk. Matt, instead, dances. Then forms those thoughts by remembering them and working to make them legible enough to be shared. This is how the shared practise session with Matt will unfold; dancing, thinking, sharing. Maybe some video recording, maybe some audio recording, to layer oneself IRL or to remix into a GIF or a song at a later date. Also making lists of ideas or writing some poetry. Novelty, joy, fascination, curiosity all generating nothings that could become something."

Wed 25 Mar - Nikki Heywood


Nikki Heywood’s practice centres upon devising and directing original performance. She has informed a generation of performance artists, leading and participating in collaboratively devised projects, assisting the creative process of many independent artists as mentor and dramaturg.  

Awarded a highly commended Doctorate of Creative Arts in 2016 (thesis title Undoing Discomfort: being real / becoming other in an embodied performance practice,UOW) Heywood’s approach to generative creative process is informed by Body Weather, Body-Mind Centering, extended voice research and her decades of improvisational practice.She is currently working on an experimental chamber opera Broadcast Into Oblivion.

Shared practice: In leading a group practice, Nikki is dedicated to creating a community of mind through attention to the nuance of gesture and utterance, entering landscapes of somatic imagination and their expression through moving, writing and sound.


Shared Practice Facilitators 2019

Bhenji Ra, Brooke Stamp, Thomas Bradley, Victoria Hunt, Jane McKernan, Andrew Morrish, Cass Mortimer-Eipper, Jill Crovisier, Adelina Larsson, Omer Backley-Astrachan, Rhiannon Newton. 

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