Sustaining Practice

2021 Sustaining Practice Resident


Lee Serle


Lee is a Sydney based choreographer and performer. He graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Dance in 2003. His work has been presented in France, USA, Colombia, Lebanon and Australia, and he has been commissioned to create new works for the Lyon Opera Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, Lucy Guerin Inc, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Dancenorth, Victorian College of the Arts, and Colombian visual artist Mateo López. Lee has performed in the works of many notable choreographers including; Trisha Brown, Lucy Guerin, Tere O’Connor, Gideon Obarzanek, Shelley Lasica, among many others, and has received Fellowships from Rolex Arts Institute, Australia Council for the Arts (Creative Australia Fellowship) and City of Sydney.


Lee will use the Sustaining Practice residency to continue his solo choreography and improvisation practice, specifically focusing on the concept of originality: 


"Considering my career dancing for others, some for over a decade, choreographies and movement practices are embedded in my body and are difficult to undo. I am the product of my choreographic ‘parents’ and I have learned to dance a certain way, to value certain structures and aesthetics over others, yet over time I’ve consciously worked to create my own value systems, to incorporate certain aspects and reject others. From here I will tangle these choreographies and movement practices, rendering a third person that is not them, but not entirely me" 


Lee will be collaborating with sound artist Gail Priest, and will share his work during the residency through improvisation workshops and open showings.

The Sustaining Practice Residency 2021 is supported by the City of Sydney.

2020 Sustaining Practice Resident 

Martin del Amo

Martin del Amo is a Sydney-based choreographer and dancer. He started out as a solo artist, acclaimed for his full-length solos fusing idiosyncratic movement and intimate storytelling. In recent years, Martin has also built a strong reputation as creator of group works and solos for others. His work has toured nationally in Australia and internationally to the UK, Japan and Brazil. Martin’s contributions to the Australian dance sector have been recognised with the 2018 Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance and a 2015 Sidney Myer Creative Fellowship. 
Martin intends to use the Sustaining Practice Residency to re-establish his solo practice by reconnecting with the methodological strategies he has developed over the last 20 years, both as solo artist and choreographer of works for other dancers. The focus will be on the interplay between movement, stillness, text and silence; the fragmentation and reconfiguration of separately choreographed body zones; and the contrasting of slowed down movement with accelerating spoken text. 
Martin will be collaborating with dance artists Sara Black (practice partner) and Julie-Anne Long (outside eye). 

ReadyMade Works will be working with Martin to support his solo practice from May-July in accordance with restrictions relating to Covid-19.


The Sustaining Practice Residency is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Moving Ideas


ReadyMade Works is pleased to offer four funded Moving Ideas residencies in 2022. Support is available for one-week (40 hours) of residency space at the ReadyMade Works studio. Travel and accommodation support is provided to one regionally based NSW artist.

The aim of the Moving Ideas residency program is to support NSW-based dance artists to do their creative work in a funded capacity. Artists can apply to work on a creative project, explore a new idea, or develop their practice. The residency is open to professional, emerging and established NSW-based artists working with dance, choreography and movement based practices.

• An artist fee of $1200 for 40-hours of studio time
• A collaborator or production budget of $300
• An allowance of $1000 for travel and accommodation is available for one regionally based NSW artist

• Four 40-hour residencies are available to be undertaken from January to April 2022
• Residencies will be scheduled in consultation with ReadyMade Works staff
• ReadyMade Works will facilitate a closed showing event for invited peers and community at the culmination of residency period

Who can apply:
• Professional, emerging or established dance artists
• Individuals or groups of artists
• NSW-based artists. Interstate artists can be involved as collaborators
• Collaborators can be from any discipline and can include outside eyes, or mentors.

*NSW-based indicates an artist who considers the NSW to be the primary base for their creative practice and residence. This should be the case for the duration of the residency and reflected in the artist biography provided.


Closing Date: Friday 19 November 2021 (11:59pm) 
Artists Notified: Friday 17 December 2021

For more information contact: creativeproducer@readymadeworks.com.au

The Moving Ideas Residency is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.


Since 2014, our Moving Ideas program has been supporting dance artists through funded residencies, giving them space and time to explore new ideas.


2021 Moving Ideas Residents

Isabel Estrella and Tiana Lung

Originally from Sydney, Isabel and Tiana both graduated from the New Zealand School of Dance in 2016. Isabel has worked with Stephanie Lake, Legs on the Wall, Discotheque and Okareka Dance Company (NZ). She was accepted into the Leg Up Emerging artist program at Legs on the Wall in 2019. Tiana has worked with Okareka Dance Company, Ross McCormack's Muscle Mouth, Kristina Chan, Chunky Move and Footnote Dance Company.

Isabel and Tiana intend to use this residency to embark on a second development of a new work with the working title of “roach.” They will further delve into a highly physical exploration of the concept of a solo for two - one embodiment split and shared amongst two bodies, experienced and viewed in complete synchronicity. Imagine a work that highlights the visceral and intoxicating experience of two bodies constantly moving as one - completely and without hesitation.

Matt Cornell

Matt Cornell is an Asia-Pacific based choreographer working to ask better questions. His career interrogates how we embody systems – social, cultural, political, or technological – and in turn how these systems embody us by forming communities and informing identities. His work takes multiple forms including dancing, performance, sound composition, writing, podcasting, and curation, in varying contexts including in theatres, galleries, public spaces, and online. Across these radically different contexts is the core effort of creating spaces, events, and experiences through which we can gather, to share something which might give rise to new ways to know ourselves and each other and the stories we tell ourselves. That we may get better at living together.

He will work in collaboration with Merinda Davies on their project Fully Automated Human Touch. Merinda and Matt are focused on the fallout of a fully automated (human-touch-less) food manufacturing future. And how it might deprive us of embodiment, appreciation, sensuality and generosity. In 2083, when automation delivers on its promise to provide all of our “basic needs”, what will the world look like? Maybe there will be no labour left for us to do but dance…

Emily Flannery


Emily is a proud Wiradjuri woman from Forbes in the Central West of NSW and a NAISDA graduate. Since graduating, she has Emily has worked with companies such as Opera Australia, Karul Projects, Phunktional Arts, Catapult Choreographic Hub and DirtyFeet. Emily is one of the recipients of Out Of The Studio 2020, enabling her to continue development of her Xrst work Bulnuruwanha, which has been supported by LGI New Work Residencies, AusDance Dair Residency and Central Coast Council through Creative Arts Central Funding. Emily is the recipient of the Joanne Harris Graduate Scholarship 2020, which provides her with the opportunity to travel to Kent, England to spend time with Jasmin Vardimon Company in 2021. Emily is a founding member of Lost All Sorts Collective (LASC), an emerging First Nations multi - disciplinary ensemble. LASC are artists in residence at PACT Theatre 2020 and are continuing their work in development 'Fraid.

Emily will use her Moving Ideas residency to develop Bulnuruwanha, a work inspired by the Wiradjuri Dreamtime stories about the creation of the land. The work specifically focuses on the stories relating to the Willy Wag Tail, Cockatoo, kookaburra, Magpie and Platypus. The movement is inspired by the personalities of the birds and how this influenced the way the land was created. The defining personalities, characteristics and lessons learned from these stories help us to better understand the land we’re living on.


Lisa Maris McDonell

Lisa has been creating and presenting performance works in various contexts in Australia and internationally for professional performers, students and community groups since 1996. A passionate advocate for regional arts, Lisa recently established Proper Motion in an effort to give visibility and opportunity to Illawarra / Shoalhaven based professional performers, projects and collaborators. She received the regional artist travel allowance for Moving Ideas.

Lisa will continue work on The $20 Commissions Project, which asks: What is a choreographer worth? What does $20 worth of a choreographer's time look like? How does $20 worth of a choreographer's time translate into choreographic material? She has invited choreographers from Australia and beyond to consider these questions by commissioning them to create a dance work worth $20 on her. This residency will be spent sorting through the commissions and weaving them together to begin the creation of a full length performance work. 

2019-20 Moving Ideas Residents

Justin Shoulder

Justin is an artist working in performance, sculpture, video and nightlife/community events production. He was born on the un-ceded lands of the Gadigal people (Sydney) and is of Filipino and European heritage. In his Moving Ideas residency Justin develops his new work Turbo Encangto which inhabits the multilayered metaphysical plane of sea and sky referred to in Tagalog mythology as the Skyworld. Within Shoulder’s Future Folklore Skyworld, posthuman queer spectres crossbreed with ancestral Bakla clowns.

Jane McKernan

Jane is an Australian choreographer, recently returned from 4 years based in the UK. She is a member of the collaborative dance trio The Fondue Set and her own dance work includes Mass Movement (2014 Audience Choice for Keir Choreographic Award); Opening and Closing Ceremony (2012); and Teacher Training (2019). For her Moving Ideas residency Jane explores situating her practice in the physical site of the dancing body and the geographic site of Sydney, while continuing collaborations with local dance artists and deepening threads of inquiry related to 'unison'.

David Huggins

David began dancing while studying psychology in New Zealand. After graduating from the VCA he worked consistently with Russell Dumas, alongside various other choreographers, and has recently focused on developing his choreographic work through a series of international residencies. For Moving Ideas David focuses on processes of play, choosing furniture and objects as potential dancing partners. Beginning from somatic processes he explores the possibility of attuning the body to the objects he works with, collaborating with Brianna Kell as an outside eye.

Kristina Chan

Kristina is a dancer and choreographer based on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Kristina’s choreographic practice explores environmental change and our relationship to nature. For her Moving Ideas residency Kristina travels to Sydney to collaborate with dramaturg, Victoria Hunt to deepen her recent research relating to the integration of the choreographed body and textiles. Her solo studio practice will focus on the development of new work in progress Brightness.

Past Residents

Angela Goh, Bhenji Ra, Kay Armstrong, Miranda Wheen, Lizzie Thomson, Ivey Wawn, Matt Cornell, Kathryn Puie, Sara Black, Thomas Bradley, Lucy Watson, Raghav Handa, Rob McCredie, Katina Olsen, Rakini Devi, Rhiannon Newton and Adelina Larsson, Joel Bray.